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Where to Snorkel
Gran Canaria
As I have only spent 4 days in Gran Canaria a lot more needs to be done.
Please help!
Locations Map Description Species
Puerto de Mogan Mogan Beach
We followed the signs to Mogan on the coast road and reached this harbour and beach which was a very pleasant place to explore.
Water at the harbour beach was rather cloudy. Rocks at the North side were easy to snorkel. Needs a calmer day to clear the water to get any good photos.
Ornate Wrasse
Cow Bream
Grey Mullet
Blue Fin Damselfish
African White Bream
Sharp nosed Puffer
Melenara Melenara Beach The town beach of Telde and a favourite with the locals who crowd it at the weekends. The jetty at the North end has a rocky floor and quite a good variety of fish.
The rocks at the South end offer clearer water and a pleasant sea grass base to snorkel. The bay also features good fish restaurants at local prices.
Cow Bream,
African White Bream,
Ornate Wrasse,
Mystery Barbel Fish
Blue Fin Damsel,
Sand Smelt,
Grey Mullet
SalinetasSalinetas BeachA pleasant beach near Telde and next to Melanara enjoyed by locals. Only one cafe at the top of the beach as the locals seem to bring their own food and drink. Coastal promenade to Melanara. Good parking. North end of the beach had cloudy water and fewfish but the South provided rocky ledges at low tide and wide areas of sea weed at higher tides with crystal clear water. Some good photos of Zebra Bream and a video of the mystery digging barbel fish. Is it a spotted goatfish? They appear common in the Carribean.CowBream
Blue fin Damsel
Ornate Wrasse
Mystery Barbel Fish
African White Bream
Parrot Fish Male
Canteras Canteras Beach Canteras is one of the best beaches in Las Palmas but quite difficult to find in the West of the town. Parking is good at 3 cents per minute. It is wide and sandy but at the North end there is a wall and some rocky and weedy base with a good selection of small fish. The best was the Lizard Fish of which there were many good examples.