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Where to Snorkel
I would like to help fellow snorkelers to know what they might expect to see underwater at a variety of venues in the world.
I will start with Lanzarote and hope others will contribute elsewhere.
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Lanzarote Map As this is very much a holiday maker's guide I focus on what might be seen in 30 minutes by a beginner with snorkel mask and tube. Sites where I have found 10 species in reasonable numbers I would regard as average, and there are many of these. Sites with 15 or more species I regard as excellent. I list the species I found and give some notes on the site. For me a site has to have safe access from a sandy beach at some states of the tide. Areas like Famara have ben ignored as unsafe for beginners.
So far I have explored Costa Teguise and started to explore Puerto delCarmen, Playa Blanca and Arrecife but help would be welcome.
Lanzarote species I have found include
African White Bream
Atlantic Lizardfish
Atlantic Wrasse
Black Bream
Blue Fin Damselfish
Common Bream
Cow Bream
Grey Mullet
Ornate Wrasse
Saddled Bream
Sand Smelt
Sharpnosed Puffer
Sharp Snout Sea Bream
Striped Bream
Two Banded Bream
Yellow Goatfish
Zebra Beam
Where possible the fish have been identified in 100 Pesces de Canarias 4th edicion. This is an excellent reference in 4 languages by Sergio Hanquet. Some identities are uncertain and additional fish have not been identified.
Costa TeguiseArrecifePuerto del CarmenPlaya Blanca