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Casa Amarilla - 2 bed villa in quiet area of Los Pocillos
Zebra Bream - among bream but less common
Parrot Fish Male and Female at Chica
Parrot Fish - or Vieja. Abundant in Chica and great on your plate
Two Banded Bream - common where bream are found

Sand Smelt - tiny fish in a darting cloud and difficult to photograph
Ornate Wrasse Male - at most rocky and sandy places
Sharp Nosed Puffer - quite tame but quite difficult to photograph clearly
Pampano - often with bream but has thinner tail V
Grey Mullet - known locally as Lisa and abundant at Sands Beach and Charco in Arrecife

Lizard Fish - less common but frequent in Chica and Jablillo
Cow Bream - Great shoals of these surround you at Jablillo
Blue Fin Damsel - common in all waters
Atlantic Wrasse - common on most beaches
African White Bream - common in most bays

Blenny Face in Las Cucharas North Wall
Away on the Kayak at Las Cucharas
Easy to start on a good day
A very old board and a very old sailor